Boobs4Food Volunteers At 1st Annual SF Street Food Festival

SF Street Food Festival Beer GardenSF Street Food Festival CantinaSF

Team Boobs4Food woke up bright & early Saturday  morning (6am!) August 22, 2009, to lend a hand at the 1st Annual SF Street Food Festival that took place on Folsom b/t 25th & 26th in the Mission.

Kudos to Caleb Jason & Matt for planning an AWESOME street fair. The booths looked amazing, the vendors on point & all of the volunteers were so rad. From design to execution, we agree the La Cocina team did a fantastic job for SF’s first street food festival ever. And can we say we LOVE the “I *cart* Street Food” t-shirts? Boobs4Food can’t wait to volunteer again next year!

We got to be unofficial “barbacks” for Duggan and his team (i.e. B-Love, Pete, Pablo, Steve, Jason, Shiny Pants Man Enrique & Andy the Booze Monkey) at the Skyy sponsored/Cantina liquor garden. Hope everyone got to try out the Old Chub beer & Horchata.

Special thanks to Mel, Galvin & Anthony of DEEP: Modern Izakaya for being such troopers (and as crazy as us for waking up at 6am on a Saturday morn), lending their muscles in volunteering this morning as well.

For more info:

La Cocina

SF Street Food Festival

DEEP: Modern Izakaya

August 23, 2009

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